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DWD provides an advanced response in the field of management and control services for complex multi-infrastructure projects. The knowledge base of dwd and the formulation of work disciplines are based on the extensive experience of each of its representatives and longstanding work with local and international market forces.

LTA (Lenders Technical Advisers)

Technical advice to Lenders regarding all phases of the project - development, planning, construction, operation and maintenance:

Examination and analysis:

  • Project agreements

  • The proposed technology

  • Schedules

  • Environmental aspects

  • Aspects of Licensing, Permits & Statutory

  • Regulation

  • Costs (CAPEX/ OPEX)

  • Risk matrix and mitigation

  • Supervision and control during construction

  • Site visits

  • Reports and analysis

  • Supervision and control during operation phase

Accompanying projects in the initiated stage

  • Startup consulting

  • Management and consulting for new entrepreneurs

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business plans

  • Bids and Tenders Management

  • Consortiums Establishment and Consulting

Projects Control & Management

  • Risk Management

  • Contracts Management

  • Engineering and Design control

  • Budget Control

  • Time Schedule

  • Regulations and permitting control

  • Authorities and Building Permits, Licenses coordination and follow up

  • The services are given to Owners, control units, companies and third parties

  • Operation and Maintenance control

Engineering Services & Consulting

  • Feasibility Studies and Alternative

  • Consulting for Legal opinions / Arbitrations

  • Governmental and Municipal Authorities consulting

  • Owner Engineer

Claims Management

  • Time Schedule

  • Change Orders

  • Contracts

  • Finance, Budget

Accompanying projects in the initiated stage
Claims Management
Engineering Services & Consulting
Projects Control & Managment
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